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Can you name the characters in 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader'?

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Cousin of the Pevensies
Uncle of the Pevensies
Aunt of the Pevensies
Former King of Narnia
Former Queen of Narnia
Reigning King of Narnia
Regent (not involved, but mentioned often)
First Mate
Chief Mouse
Slave hand
Governor of the Lone Islands
Lord created Duke of the Lone Islands
Lord that may have been (eaten by) a dragon
Not a tame Lion
Nearly destroys the ship
Lord transformed to solid gold
Invisible creatures made visible
Lord rescued from the Dark Island
Lord asleep at Aslan's Table
Lord asleep at Aslan's Table
Lord asleep at Aslan's Table
Beautiful Girl (Star's daughter)
Old Man (Star)
Sailor not taken to the utter East
'Earmarked' to succeed as Chief Mouse

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