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What color is Skeeter?a weird skin color
What is his last name?not mentioned that much
Who is the school bully?Green skin
What is Roger's last nameoften referred to as 'zamboni'
What is the name of Patty's baseball team?think of the softball episode
What is the name of the Coach?not an s at the end
What is Doug's dogs name?also a type of meat
What is Roger's cats name?purple cat
What was the name of the character than ran the Ice Cream factory?ice cream for hair
What fictional town does Doug live?begins w/ B
What is the name of Doug's crazy next door neighbor?Very expensive
What type of singing was Mr. Bones' specialtyloud singing
What was the name of the popular band?kind of like the Beatles
What is Doug's teachers name?green skinned
Doug's dog had a doghouse shaped like what?cold house

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