Which Nordic Country?

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Can you name the correct Nordic country from the given hint?

Updated Jan 21, 2014

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Ranked #1 in 2012 for best gender equality
Possesses the autonomous region the Åland Islands
Home to the world's oldest continuous parliament
Only Nordic country whose majority language is non-Germanic
Has a female monarch
Only Nordic country with claims to Antarctica
Has the highest maximum tax rate in the world
Famed setting of Shakespeare's 'Hamlet'
Where a majority of the Nobel prizes are awarded
Donates a larger percentage of their GDP than any other country
Where the tsars of Russia pull their heritage
Has the most populous city of the Nordic countries
Only Nordic nation to be part of the EU and NATO
Has won the most Winter Olympic medals in history
One of the few countries in the world to still use the patronymic system
Has the 4th highest GDP per capita in the world
One of two nations who fought in the Winter War
Known for its affinity for saunas
Has the most Nordic overseas autonomous regions
Boasts the oldest national flag in the world (still in use)
Home to the northernmost town on Earth
One of two nations subject to the 'Cod Wars'
Only Nordic country operating on the Euro
Has the most volcanoes in Europe

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