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MottoCountryMotto in Original Language
'Truth Alone Triumphs'
'We Wish To Remain What We Are'
'Homeland or Death'
'Grow Free and Fertile'
'God and My Right'
'Let's Work Together'
'Dutch I Will Remain'
'Liberty or Death'
'Liberty, Equality, Fraternity'
'Freedom or Death'
'Truth Prevails'
'Unity, Discipline, Labor'
'From Sea to Sea'
MottoCountryMotto in Original Language
'Through Reason or By Force'
'Peace and Justice'
'For God, People, Nature and Country'
'Further Beyond'
'Benefit All Mankind'
'Order and Progress'
'Out Of Many, One'
'One For All, All For One'
'Unity, Freedom, Socialism'
'In Union and Liberty'
'Unity in Diversity'
'God is the Greatest'
'Unity and Justice and Freedom'

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