Cheltenham Gold Cup Winners

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Can you name the Cheltenham Gold Cup Winners?

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1970T. Carberry
1971T. Carberry
1972F. Berry
1973R. Barry
1974H.R. Beasley
1975T. Carberry
1976J. Burke
1977D. Hughes
1978J. Francome
1979J.J O'Neill
1980R. Hoare
1981J. Wilson
1982R. Earnshaw
1983G. Bradley
1984P. Tuck
1985M. Dwyer
1986J.J O'Neill
1987R. Lamb
1988R. Dunwoody
1989S. Sherwood
1990G. McCourt
1991M. Pitman
1992A. Maguire
1993M. Dwyer
1994A. Kondrat
1995N. Williamson
1996C. O'Dwyer
1997A.P. McCoy
1998A. Thornton
1999M. Fitzgerald
2000R. Johnson
2002J. Culloty
2003J. Culloty
2004J. Culloty
2006C. O'Dwyer
2007R. Walsh
2008S. Thomas
2009R. Walsh

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