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Forced Order
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Bigger boat needed (1975)
There's only Zuul (1986)
Brits after diamond (2000)
Rescuing last brother (1998)
Iconic shower scene (1960)
Hills are alive (1965)
Bride's revenge rampage (2003/4)
Red or blue? (1999)
Depp's unique fingers (1990)
Kirk/Spock reboot (2009)
Chaplin plays lookalike (1940)
Indian gameshow winner (2008)
Flux capacitator required (1985)
Blofeld's volcano base (1967)
Franco and fauns (2006)
Pirates and skeletons (2003)
Can't turn left (2001)
Ship rolls over (1972)
Cowboys find love (2005)
Rom zom com (2004)
Arnie's robotic assassin (1984)
Scarlett's Civil War (1939)
Alabama veteran runs (1994)
Mordor: No pedestrians (2001)
Cub avenges father (1994)
Chan vs. Li (2008)
Cosmic chest busters (1979)
He's not Shirley (1980)
Porn's golden age (1997)
Ellie's balloon dream (2009)
India's 'father' biopic (1982)
Seductive Mrs Robinson (1967)
Cash loves Carter (2005)
Maybe not today (1942)
Cover your heart! (1984)
Ski lodge insanity (1980)
Given god's powers (2003)
Horrible day repeats (1993)
Heston's biblical epic (1959)
Guy Fawkes' anarchy (2006)
Yellow brick road (1939)
I love lamp! (2004)
Knights go Ni (1975)
Clinging onto Rushmore (1959)
Pandora's blue aliens (2009)
Japanese spirits' spa (2001)
Sole pregnant woman (2006)
Underground male fighting (1999)
Stalag Luft breakout (1963)

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