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Can you name the Disney animated films from a three word description?

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How to PlayForced Order
Puppet becomes boy
Spaghetti-kissing dogs
Quasimodos' talking gargoyles
Sky not falling
Mum got shot!
Space-time continuum harassed
Life giving locks
Big eared elephant
Totem animal irony
Mufasa gets murdered
White rabbit high
Bears and beanstalks
Mice thwart kidnapper
Rodent Sherlock Holmes
PETA's worst nightmare
Apprentice and more
Cows save farm
The Jungle VIP
Girl defeats Huns
Forgot ruddy shoe
Pigkeeper becomes hero
Hundred Acres' Bear
Boulder entrenched blade
Desparately fleeing extinction
Thieving kitten adopted
Headless Mr Toad
Missing French felines
Mice's Australian sequel
Aliens in Hawaii
Very unlikely pals
Jane's unlikely romance
Colonial era romance
Latin American tour
Music and dancing
Mirror mirror tale
Ridiculously long nap
Under the sea
Kids in Neverland
Froggy bayou romance
Royal llama drama
Loud mouthed genie
Three bird amigos
'Be our guest'
Lost civilisation undersea
Greek prodigal son
Random musical segments
Mickey does classical
Fox robs king
Dog not super
Sci Fi Stevenson

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