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What color is a rubber duckie?
What youtube sensation is this quote from? 'The people have spoken, Viva la resistance!'
What is the death flower?
What is the Name of the main character in A Bug's Life?
What is the name of the prince in Sleeping Beauty?
Translate: Je T'aime
What does BFG stand for?
How would you find the area bound by the x-axis and some function of x?
In how many states is gay marriage legal (as of January 2011)?
What's the french word for vegetable?
What's a virus that attacks a bacteria?
What sea creature has the males carry the babies rather than the females?
When was the movie, The Sound of Music, released?
In Harry Potter, which spell makes objects fly?
What is 'So fluffy [Agnes] could die!' in Despicable Me?
What do you call a non-femme, non-butch lesbian?
What does the suffix -sorb mean?
What sea creature has an eye larger than a hubcap?
How does a dinosaur say 'I love you?'
What poet wrote the book that inspired the childrens movie, The Iron Giant?
What 1939 actress went insane because she thought she WAS the character she was playing?
Which Disney princess wants to open her own restaurant?
What movie, first released in 1977, used World War II references?
Which animal has a single poisonous claw on their back left foot?
What band released the music that was used in Across the Universe?
What is the name of the Japanese- created synthetic blood, portrayed in the vampire novels by Charlaine Harris?
On the ventral side of a cat, what is the name of the muscle that crosses from forearem to forearm?
What is the name of the 'V-shaped' groove in a horse's hoof?
What makes up 99 percent of all marine species?
What is the name of a group of crows?

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