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Can you name the correct gods and goddesses in the right order?

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Starts With an 'A':
Goddess of Love; Silena's Mom 
God of Sun; Michael's Dad 
God of War; Clarisse's Dad 
Goddess of the Hunt; No Children 
Goddess of Wisdom; Annabeth's Mom 
Starts With a 'D':
Goddess of Harvest; Persephone's Mom 
God of Wine; Pollux's Dad 
Starts With a 'H':
God of the Underworld; Nico's Dad 
God of Forge; Beckendorf's Dad 
Goddess of Marriage; Most of the Gods Listed 
God of Thieves; Luke's Dad 
Goddess of Hearth; No Children 
Starts With a 'P':
God of the Sea; Percy's Dad 
Starts With a 'Z':
God of the Sky; Thalia's Dad 

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