Mass Effect Characters

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Can you name the Mass Effect Characters throughout the series?

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1st AppearanceCharacterRole
Mass EffectAsari Matriach
Mass Effect 2Human Thief/Squadmate
Mass EffectAlliance Pilot
Mass Effect 3Prothean Warrior/Squadmate
Mass EffectQuarian/Squadmate
Mass Effect 2Potential Krogan leader/Brother
Mass Effect 2Cerberus Yeoman
Mass Effect 3/BooksThe Captain's one and only
Mass Effect 3Alliance Yeoman
Mass Effect 2Cerberus Agent/Squadmate
Mass EffectCivilian/Fan/Doctor of Xenotechnology
Mass Effect 2Biotic Psychopath/Squadmate
Mass EffectAlliance Brass
Mass Effect 2Krogan/Squadmate (Tube Born)
Mass Effect 2Geth Collective/Squadmate
Mass Effect 3Cerberus Assassin
Mass Effect 2Cerberus Agent/Squadmate
Mass Effect 2Drell Assassin/Squadmate
Mass EffectSalarian STG Captain
Mass EffectYou....
Mass EffectAlliance Military Doctor
Mass Effect 2Human Mercenary/Squadmate
Mass Effect 3Alliance Military, Mechanic and Driver
1st AppearanceCharacterRole
Mass Effect 2Asari Justicar/Squadmate
Mass EffectAlliance Military/Squadmate
Mass EffectAlliance Military, Admiral
Mass EffectAlliance Military/Squadmate
Mass Effect 2Asari Ardat-Yakshi/Potential Squadmate
Mass EffectKrogan/Squadmate
Mass EffectAlliance Military/Brief Squadmate
Mass Effect 2Reaper (Controlled Collectors)
Mass EffectHead Engineer of the Normandy SR-1
Mass Effect 2Asari Club Owner
Mass EffectTurian Traitor
Mass EffectNavigator and XO during leaves
Mass Effect 2Head of Cerberus
Mass EffectTurian/Squadmate
Mass EffectAgent of Secrets (Yahg)
Mass EffectAsari Archaeologist/Squadmate
Mass Effect 2Cerberus AI/Squadmate
Mass Effect 2New head of C-Sec, Human
Mass EffectReaper (Attack of Citadel)
Mass Effect 3Alliance Military/Squadmate/Bro
Mass Effect 2Salarian Scientist/Squadmate
Mass Effect 3On-site War Reporter
Mass EffectAlliance Diplomat

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