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Can you name the Mass Effect Characters throughout the series?

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1st AppearanceCharacterRole
Mass Effect 2Head of Cerberus
Mass Effect 2Asari Justicar/Squadmate
Mass EffectAlliance Military Doctor
Mass EffectAsari Matriach
Mass EffectCivilian/Fan/Doctor of Xenotechnology
Mass Effect 3/BooksThe Captain's one and only
Mass Effect 3On-site War Reporter
Mass EffectHead Engineer of the Normandy SR-1
Mass Effect 2Geth Collective/Squadmate
Mass EffectAlliance Diplomat
Mass EffectReaper (Attack of Citadel)
Mass Effect 2Cerberus Yeoman
Mass Effect 2Biotic Psychopath/Squadmate
Mass Effect 3Prothean Warrior/Squadmate
Mass Effect 2Potential Krogan leader/Brother
Mass EffectTurian/Squadmate
Mass Effect 2Cerberus Agent/Squadmate
Mass Effect 2Salarian Scientist/Squadmate
Mass EffectYou....
Mass Effect 2Krogan/Squadmate (Tube Born)
Mass EffectQuarian/Squadmate
Mass Effect 2Asari Club Owner
Mass Effect 2New head of C-Sec, Human
1st AppearanceCharacterRole
Mass Effect 2Human Thief/Squadmate
Mass Effect 3Alliance Military, Mechanic and Driver
Mass EffectNavigator and XO during leaves
Mass Effect 2Human Mercenary/Squadmate
Mass Effect 2Cerberus AI/Squadmate
Mass EffectAlliance Brass
Mass Effect 2Reaper (Controlled Collectors)
Mass Effect 3Alliance Yeoman
Mass EffectAlliance Military, Admiral
Mass EffectAgent of Secrets (Yahg)
Mass EffectTurian Traitor
Mass EffectAlliance Pilot
Mass EffectSalarian STG Captain
Mass EffectKrogan/Squadmate
Mass Effect 2Asari Ardat-Yakshi/Potential Squadmate
Mass Effect 2Drell Assassin/Squadmate
Mass EffectAlliance Military/Brief Squadmate
Mass EffectAlliance Military/Squadmate
Mass EffectAlliance Military/Squadmate
Mass Effect 3Alliance Military/Squadmate/Bro
Mass Effect 3Cerberus Assassin
Mass Effect 2Cerberus Agent/Squadmate
Mass EffectAsari Archaeologist/Squadmate

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