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I wanna **** these small girls minus the 'S-M'Culdesac
Clown n*ggas then i kill them, Gacy FlowSingle
My dick is too big, theres a big bang theoryEP
Im going straight for your thighs like the cake you ate.Camp
hoes is hoes is hoes, manCuldesac
I love pussy I love bitches man I should be running PETACamp
Bright lights they tend to burn out fast, so I shine bright but im scared that it wont last.Culdesac
I say I'm just a rapper, she tell me that's a fuckin' lieCuldesac
Got flow I could make a cripple crip walk, N*ggas breath stank, all they do is **** talkCamp
I've wanted this since I was a three year old. Ive seen it all like Im John Mayer's penis holeCamp

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