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Lead VocalsSongAlbum
Ringo StarrAbbey Road
John Lennon/Paul McCartneyLet it Be
George HarrisonThe Beatles' Second Album
John Lennon/Paul McCartneyThe Beatles: '65
Paul McCartneyMagical Mystery Tour
John Lennon/Paul McCartneyWith The Beatles
John Lennon/Paul McCartneyThe White Album
Ringo StarrWith The Beatles
John Lennon/Paul McCartneyYellow Submarine
Lead VocalsSongAlbum
George HarrisonAbbey Road
Paul McCartney1
Paul McCartneySgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
John LennonThe Beatles' Second Album
John Lennon/Paul McCartney/George HarrisonMagical Mystery Tour
John LennonAbbey Road
Ringo StarrRubber Soul
John Lennon/Paul McCartneyHelp!

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