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Can you name the abbreviations that are one letter different from the next/previous one?

Featured Jan 9, 2011

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HintAbbreviationFull Name
Not the NCAA Tournament
Private university in Cambridge, MA
Status of uncertainty in armed services
New York corporation in charge of trains, buses
Organization composed of guardians & educators
Mobile device that functions as information manager
The specific time zone name for the West Coast in North America during summer
Nuclear medicine imaging technique
In American football, 1 point after 6
Medical imaging created by computer processing
Cable network probably popular with Taylor Swift & Garth Brooks
Pre-hospital healthcare provider
International postal service focused on speed
Group of symptoms related to a woman's 'time of the month'
i.e. text messaging
HintAbbreviationFull Name
The above clue when including pictures, sounds, etc
Not a Mister*
Medical imaging technique used in radiology
In ISDN, the level of service intended for home/small enterprise use
Statistical measure comparing weight and height
German automaker
Neologism used in affirmation of above average weight females
Largest broadcasting network in the world
Disney owned televison network
Organization in which Ali, Tyson, & Pacquiao have been champions
General Electric owned television network
Professional men's basketball league
American organization with the goal of 'protecting the Second Amendment'
Revolutionary military organization in the British Isles
US federal government agency that collects taxes

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