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NameAlternate Name
Peter Pettigrew's name as Ron's Pet
And his nickname as a Marauder
Sirius Black's nickname as a Marauder
James Potter's nickname as a Marauder
Remus Lupin's nickname as a Marauder
Lord Voldemort's real name
What he is called by Witches and Wizards
And what Death Eaters call him
Helena Ravenclaw's Ghost name
Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington's Ghost name
Cho suggested Dumbledore's Army be called this
The correct name for the 'Put-Outer'
Lavender's name for Ron while they Dated
NameAlternate Name
What Dobby calls Ron
The Come and Go Room
Severus Snape's self-given Nickname
Harry, Ron and Hermione's name for Sirius when in Public
Buckbeak is called this when he returns to Hogwarts
Charlie re-names Norbert this after discovering she is Female
Monkswood or Wolfsbane
The Potion known as Liquid Luck
Disparaging word for Witches or Wizards of Muggle-Birth
Dudley Dursley's nickname
The Deathstick or Wand of Destiny
Harry Potter's nickname, also a chapter title

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