Plants of Middle Earth

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HintPlant NameLocation
It was ordered cut down by Lobelia Sackville-Baggins in 1419The Shire
Trees beloved by Quickbeam and devastated by IsengardFangorn
Merry and Pippin found this type of pipe weed in the ruins of IsengardThe Shire (and Isengard)
The flowers Tom gathers for GoldberryOld Forest
An ancient, hateful tree that has it in for HobbitsOld Forest
Made famous by shortcuts and Farmer MaggotThe Shire
Boil'em, mash'em, stick 'em in a stewIthilien
HintPlant NameLocation
The golden treesLórien
The flower that grows on the death mounds of RohanRohan
The King's healing plantArnor and Gondor
This pipe weed is named after the 'old' Hobbit who started growing it The Shire
General name for trees under the command of the EntsFangorn
Sam Gamgee's first child is named after this golden, star-shaped flowerLórien
Gil-galad's spear took its name from this flowering shrubBeleriand

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