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Well I heard there was3
That David played, 5
But you don't really5
Well it goes 2
the fourth,2
The minor fall and3
The baffled king2
hallelujah, 1
hallelujah, 1
Well your faith was strong, 4
You saw her bathing,3
Her beauty and4
she tied you to3
and she broke your throne5
and from your lips4
hallelujah, 1
Well baby I've3
I've seen this room5
I used to live alone4
I've seen your flag4
Love is 4
It's a cold5
hallelujah, 1
well there was a time5
whats really going2
but now you never 5
but remember when4
and the holy dove3
and every breath we drew2
well maybe theres 3
but all i've ever3
was how to shoot somebody3
its not a cry5
its not somebody who's3
its a cold 5

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