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Land where John Farson's revolution began
Rolands home. Capital city is Gilead
Susan Delgado's home.
Place where Roland's original Ka-Tet fought their final battle
Largest city mentioned in Mid World. Pubes and Grays live here.
Aunt Talitha's home. Used to be a trading stop.
City where Jake, Eddie, and Susannah hail from
Waterfall where Blaine recharges internal power supply.
Kansas town the Roland's Ka-Tet arrive in after riding Blaine.
Land where the heroes fight the Wolves
Desolate land. Home to the breakers. Devar toi.
Location where Mia and Susannah hold their meeting.
Town surrounding a castle. Entrance to the badlands.
True name of the castle of the Crimson King
The long sought after destination of Roland.

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