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(adj.) 1) instructive. 2) moralisticConnections (1): An ADMONITION is meant to be ____. Something ____ is meant to EDIFY
(adj.) 1) truly shy, as opposed to DEMURE. 2) lacking confidence.Antonym: BUMPTIOUS
(adj.) delaying; tardyConnection: A ____ person does not act with ALACRITY or CELERITY.
(n.) a perplexing situation involving a choice between two equally undesirable choices.n/a
(n.) an amateur or dabbler in the arts.Antonym: CONNOISSEUR. Connections: A ____ knows just a little about subjects that are AESTHETIC. He/she gives CURSORY attention to the various arts.
(n.) a funeral songConnection: A ____ is DOLOROUS.
(adj.) having keen insight; ASSIDUOUS; ASTUTE; COGNIZANT of the fine points of a subject.Antonym: DISTRAIT
(n.) disappointment; embarrassment; confusion; frustrationConnections: An ADMONITION or chiding or an ALTERCATION might leave one with a feeling of ____.
(n.) disagreement; lack of harmonyAntonym: AMITY. Connections: ____ is caused by people who are ACERBIC, ACRIMONIOUS, CAUSTIC, ADAMANT, BELLICOSE, CANTANKEROUS, CHOLERIC, or CONTUMACIOUS
(adj.) rambling from one subject to another; CIRCUMLOCUTORY; DESULTORYConnection: If someone is DISTRAUGHT, he/she might be called ____ or DESULTORY, but someone DEVIOUS would more likely be called CIRCUMLOCUTORY.
(v.) to belittle; DEPRECATE; DERIDEConnections: CALUMNY, DIATRIBES, and DEROGATORY language ____.
(adj.) completely different.Connection: In a DICHOTOMY, the parts are ____. In fact, each is the ANTITHESIS of the other.
(n.) inequalityn/a
(v.) to disperse; scatter; distributen/a
(adj.) dissipated; morally corruptAntonyms: very ABSTEMIOUS; ASCETIC; AUSTERE
(adj.) absent-minded; inattentive to detailAntonyms: ASSIDUOUS, ASTUTE, COGNIZANT, DISCERNING
(adj.) bewildered or perplexed, usually due to griefANTONYM: BLITHE. Connection: We offer our CONDOLENCES to people who are ____. Someone very DOLEFUL could be ____
(adj.) daily; occuring in the daytimeAntonym: nocturnal
(adj.) to disclose; to make knownConnections: People ____ secrets of the COVERT, CLANDESTINE activities DEVIOUS people, but they disseminate information
(adj.) submissive, showing DEFERENCE; easy to teach or EDIFY; aquiescent; AMENDABLE; COMPLAISANTAntonyms: ADAMANT; CONTUMACIOUS. Connections: People who are AMENABLE, or COMPLAISANT tend to be docile and will ACUIESCE to another or will show DEFERENCE.
(n.) trivial or worthless poetryAnalogy- jewlery : BAUBLE as poetry : DOGGEREL
(adj.) strongly stating an opinion without evidenceConnections: An ARBITRARY or BIGOTED person, such as a DEMAGOGUE is ____
(adj.) sad; mournful (said of a person)Antonyms: BLITHE; CONVIVIAL; DROLL
(adj.) sad; mournful (never a person)Connection: A dirge is _____.
(adj.) monotonous, dullAnalogy- food : BLAND as clothing : ____
(adj.) extreme in effect; diren/a
(adj.) 1) comical. 2) amusingly odd; BALMYn/a
(adj.) doubtful; AMBIGUOUS; APOCRYPHALConnections: One should be ____ or look askance at what is _____.
(n.) sullen resentment or angerConnections: BELLICOSE, CANTANKEROUS, CHOLERIC people are often in high ____.
(adj.) 1) sweet to the taste. 2) pleasant soundingn/a
(n.) deception; double dealingConnections: DEVIOUS people, such as CHARLATANS or CABALS practice ____.
(n.) coercion; forceConnections: If one is AVERSE to doing something, he/she may BALK doing it or do it only under ____.
(adj.) energetic; AVID; COGENT; EFFICIOUS.Antonym: EFFETE. Connection: ____ people often display EBULLITION
(n.) bubbling over; outburst of spiritAntonym: APATHY. Connections: AVID, DYNAMIC people display ____.
(n.) 1) brilliant achievement or conspicuous success. 2) great acclaim; ACCOLADES; ADULATIONn/a
(n.) a poem about rural areas and peopleConnection: ____ deal with subjects which are BUCOLIC.
(v.) to enlighten; to instruct morallyConnections: DIDACTIC material is intended to ____.
(adj.) no longer productive; worn out; decadentAntonyms: AVID; COGENT; DYNAMIC; EFFICACIOUS
(adj.) able to produce an effect; potent; COGENT; DYNAMICAntonym: EFFETE
(n.) a sculptured or pictured image of someone; a dummyConnection: One way to express ANTIPATHY for someone is to hang him/her in ____
(n.) boldness; ARROGANCEAntonym: DEFERENCE. Connection: ADAMANT, BUMPTIOUS, CONTUMACIOUS people display ____.
(adj.) outstandingly badn/a
(v.) to exclaim; cry outn/a
(v.) to draw forthn/a
(adj.) thin; atrophied; CADAVEROUSn/a
(v.) to issue forth fromn/a
(v.) to steal when in a position of trustConnections: People who ____ are characterized by DUPLICITY. They employ COVERT, CLANDESTINE and DEVIOUS methods.
1) (n.) a softener or moisturizer. 2) (adj.) soothingn/a
(n.) payment for services; salaryn/a
(adj.) resulting from experience or experimentAntonym: ARBITRARY Connections: A BIGOTED or DOGMATIC person, such as a DEMAGOGUE, usually does not have ____ evidence to CORROBORATE his/her opinions; therefore, those opinions are ARBITRARY.

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