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Though spelled differently, the main character of Fahrenheit 451
Battle Maidens of the Norse god, Odin
A person empowered to judge
Anything that is used to detect or identify another object or substance
A male worker of the honeybee
One who moves ahead of the main army to gather intel
A legendary bird that is reborn from the ashes of its death
A class of naval troops that serves both on land and on a ship
A fanatic
An object used in a loom to pass thread
Name derived from the Latin for Bear
One of the 12 Titans in Greek Mythology
A scavenger bird known for its baldness
A large lizard creature from 'Dungeons & Dragons'. Only one is said to exist on each world
First stage of metamorphosis
Iceman from the movie 'Top Gun'
The World Tree from Norse Mythology
A large military sea vessel that serves as the launching point of many aircraft
A tiger native to Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and Nepal
A religious military order founded during the Crusades in Jerusalem
A person who is NOT on active duty with the military or public safety organizations
A theropod dinosaur named after a rainbow serpent from Australian mythology
A wandering spirit or soul
The female head of a family line
A magical charm bag used in voodoo
North American Aerospace Defense Command Center
A military doctor corpsman
A fast ship used for piracy
A visible spirit
European cavalryman armed with a musket
Portuguese explorer who sailed west to find a route to the 'Spice Islands'
A biblical giant, slain by a single stone
Female ruler of a kingdom

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