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Brand of orange soda launched in 1979, produced by the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group
Device which measures time according to the sun's position
Helarctos malayanus, a carnivore native to the rainforests of Southeast Asia
1973 Grammy-winning single by Stevie Wonder
Professional basketball team based in Arizona, United States
Play depicting the life of a black family in Chicago in the 1950s
Ancient Chinese military general, strategist, and author of The Art of War
1969 track from the Beatles' Abbey Road
Multigrain snack marketed by Frito-Lay
NBC sitcom about a group of extraterrestrials visiting Earth
1926 Ernest Heminway novel set in Paris
Refers to various regions north of the Arctic Circle
1987 Steven Spielberg-directed film starring Christian Bale
Cocktail featuring orange juice and grenadine (alternatively, crème de cassis, lime juice and soda water)
FX sitcom featuring the staff of a Pennsylvanian pub
Nickname for the state of Kansas, United States
Street in Los Angeles County, California, United States which passes through the communities of Hollywood and Beverly Hills
Brand of raisins whose mascot is a woman in a red sunbonnet
Two series of still-life paintings by Vincent van Gogh
2001 single by Weezer
Folk song set in the southern United States, famously recorded by The Animals in 1964
Orange-flavored drink marketed as a healthy alternative to soda
College post-season game first played on January 1, 1935
Gasoline distribution company based in Philadelphia, Pensylvania, United States
Atmospheric phenonmenon that creates spots of light in the sky, often appearing as rings on either side of the sun
Geographic region encompassing the southern United States
Chart-topping 1994 single by Soundgarden
Pontiac compact model produced from 1995-2005
1872 painting by Claude Monet after which the Impressionist movement is named
Exonym for Japan; a semi-literal translation of the country's native name
Developer of Solaris, Java, and MySQL technologies
Butch Cassidy's partner, played by Robert Redford in their eponymous film

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