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Who is the teacher that suggests Stephanie should get glasses?
What did Stephanie steal from a shop when DJ accidentally ruined the first?
Who was Michelle's bully?
What was the name of Michelle's goldfish?
How did DJ meet Viper?
What is the Tanner's home phone number?
Which episode was the only one to actually be taped in San Francisco?
What was Stephanie's friend Gia's mother's name?
Which season were the twins Nicky and Alex born?
What was Jesse's surname in season 1?
What was the initial title of the show?
What was one of Michelle's catchphrases?
Which college was DJ's first choice?
What is Stephanie's middle name?
What was Michelle's favourite colour?
What was the organisation all the Tanner sisters attended which was similar to girl scouts?
What was the name of the elementary school DJ, Stephanie and Michelle attended?
DJ's substitution for 'Oh my God' is what?
Which twin played cousin Melina in the episode 'Greek Week'?
Who played Danny in the unaired pilot episode?
Where did Danny propose to Vicky?
Which foreign city did Michelle make phone calls to?
Name one way you can tell the Olsens apart when playing Michelle Tanner
What is the name of the summer camp DJ, Stephanie, Michelle, Steve and Kimmy attended?
What is Jesse's mother's name?
What is the name of the junior high DJ attended?
What did Michelle rename Mr Bear?
When is DJ's birthday?
What song did Danny want to sing at DJ's high school?
What was DJ's private phone number?
What was Joey's middle name?
What did Stephanie do when she felt left out for being the middle child?
What is the name of Joey's car that Stephanie drives into the kitchen?
What were the Olsen twins credited as for the first seven seasons?
What is Kimmy's middle name?
In which season do Jesse and Rebecca get married?
What is Uncle Jesse's real name?
What was the name of the episode where Michelle wants Danny to treat her more maturely?
What is the name of Uncle Jesse's hairdresser?
What is Stephanie's star sign?
Where do the Tanners live?
How many times were both the Olsen twins present on screen during the show's run?

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