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Can you name the Film Revenue Higher/Lower?

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FilmsWhich Made More
Shrek or Monsters Inc.
Inception or Alice in Wonderland
Ghost or Home Alone
Godzilla or Armageddon
Meet the Parents or What Women Want
Men in Black II or Spiderman
Tomorrow Never Dies or Air Force One
Gladiator or Mission: Impossible II
Minority Report or Ice Age
The Running Man or House of Games
FilmsWhich Made More
V For Vendetta or Corpse Bride
Terminator 3 or The Matrix Revolutions
The Fugitive or Schindler's List
300 or National Treasure: Book of Secrets
Aladdin or Reservoir Dogs
Diamonds are Forever or A Clockwork Orange
The Matrix or Toy Story 2
Amelie or Donnie Darko
Goldeneye or Apollo 13
Batman Returns or A Few Good Men

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