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Can you name the Film Revenue Higher/Lower?

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FilmsWhich Made More
Inception or Alice in Wonderland
Shrek or Monsters Inc.
The Matrix or Toy Story 2
Ghost or Home Alone
300 or National Treasure: Book of Secrets
Meet the Parents or What Women Want
Goldeneye or Apollo 13
Godzilla or Armageddon
The Fugitive or Schindler's List
Gladiator or Mission: Impossible II
FilmsWhich Made More
Amelie or Donnie Darko
V For Vendetta or Corpse Bride
Men in Black II or Spiderman
Aladdin or Reservoir Dogs
Diamonds are Forever or A Clockwork Orange
Terminator 3 or The Matrix Revolutions
Tomorrow Never Dies or Air Force One
Minority Report or Ice Age
The Running Man or House of Games
Batman Returns or A Few Good Men

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