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A woman wakes up from a coma to hunt down her old assassin colleagues after they left her with a lightning bolt scar on her forehead
Three men race across war-struck America to find the cursed treasure of Cortes himself
A nervous groom practices his vows too well for the woman who then enters China's all-male imperial army.
A mentally-challenged boy from Alabama and his childhood sweetheart fall in love upon an unsinkable ship
East meets West as 2 cops work together to save the kidnapped woman from the depths of Nottingham castle
A likable but dim-witted MI5 agent plots the murder of his neighbours as revenge for not recycling
A British intelligence agent is sent to play a high stakes game of poker with a stuttering King
A young boy distraught by the loss of his dog brings attempts to bring it back to life through electricity and scavenging body parts of dead prisoners.
A group of cartoon characters abduct an NBA legend to help them in a competition to save their gym.
The leader of a mafia family seeks to transfer the control of his empire so he can befriend a tribe of native americans

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