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A cyborg assassin sent back in time to look after a family of misbehaving children
An alien desperately trying to get home by harvesting kid's screams for energy.
A professor and a college student go back in time to get their old band back together in order to save their orphanage.
A Texan man finds a briefcase full of money in the desert, but is pursued by a pregnant cop
A billionaire playboy becomes a vigilante in an attempt to bring balance to the force.
A group of vigilantes enter someone's dreams in order to give them the idea to kill his brother and become king
An off-duty cop races against time to save dozens of hostages from the oppression of the English
A Cuban immigrant rises to become a drug baron who saves Jews from the holocaust.
Whilst defending the Earth from alien threats, two men awaken a monster that will never eat, never sleep, and never stop.
A lonely, elderly man flies his house with balloons so that he might visit a scientist who can transplant his mind into an 8 foot blue alien.

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