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QuestionTrue or false?
Santana was Finn's first time?
Rachel slept with Jesse St. James?
April Rhodes was played by Idena Menzel?
Kurt and Puck are step brothers?
Will sang Ice Ice Baby?
Artie and Tina had sex?
Brittany's last name is Fabray?
Santana sang Songbird to Brittany?
Mike's mother disowned his for wanting to dance?
Santana is a lesbian?
QuestionTrue or false?
Brittany is straight?
Kurt enters a relationship with Sam?
Brittany and Kurt kiss?
Brittany said '...dolphins are just gay sharks'?
Santana goes to New York and lives ith Rachel?
Kurt cheated on Blaine with Eli. C?
Blaine cheated on Kurt with Sebastian?
Korofsky's beard was Santana?
The actress who plays Santana is called Maya Rivera?
Santittany is the official pairing name of Brittany and Santana?

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