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He and George's best guess for Dolores' nameThe Junior Mint/The Engagement
He makes out with Rachel during this holocaust dramaThe Raincoats
CousinThe Pony Remark/The Glasses
Father's NameThe Stake Out/The Cadillac/The Raincoats
This type of Chees can not be stored in his refrigeratorThe Robbery
The only person who suspected that he got a head start in a raceThe Race
Uncle's NameThe Stake Out
Is accused of taking out this book in 1971The Library
His ex girlfriend whom he is now best friends withMale Unbonding/The Stake Out/The Robbery
Kramer makes a sculpture of him out of this pastaThe ------- Jerry/The Reverse Peephole
He becomes one of these to people he barely knowsThe Bris
He Would have been friends with this dictator if he had had a ping-pong tableMale Unbonding
Uncle's NameThe Pony Remark/The Package/The Bookstore
Mother's NameThe Stake Out/The Cadillac/The Money
Loves this SuperheroThe Stock Tip/The Bizarro Jerry/The Watch
ArchenemyThe Suicide/The Scofflaw/The Pilot
He and George are writing a sitcom for this networkThe Pitch/The Ticket/The Pilot
NeighborThe Seinfeld Chronicles/Male Unbonding/The Robbery

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