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relationships to ElaineProfileNotes
Father's NameThe JacketL
Sister's NameThe Pick/The Wait Out
Grandmother's NicknameThe Wink
She Claims to have the IQ of The Cafe
She thinks she does this well (but doesnt)The Little Kicks/The Slicer
Her First bossThe Red Dot/The Jacket/The Opposite
Her Second BossThe Gymnast/The Diplomat's Club/The Chaperone
Her Third BossThe Understudy/The Little Kicks/ The Raincoats
relationships to ElaineProfileNotes
She would have Dumb and Lazy over thisThe Burning
Her Boyfriend who shares a name with a serial killer!The Masseuse
Her Longest term relationshipThe Mechanic/The Dealership/The Voice
What one of her Boyfriends wanted to be calledThe Maestro
Who did she 'run into'' while trying to apologize to a virgin?The Virgin/The Visa
Her CousinThe Wink
Daughter revealed in the Curb Your Enthusiasm 2009 reunionCurb Your Enthusiasm: Seinfeld
Alan the Bad Breaker-upper says she has a The Andrea Doria

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