Mythbusters Season 1

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Can you name the Results of Mythbusters Season 1?

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Magic Bullet
Penny Drop
Poppy Seed Drug Test
Larry's Lawn Chair
Hammer Bridge Drop
Tree Cannon
Radio Tooth Fillings
Exploding Toilet
The Mad Trombonist
Stud Finders and Mind Control Chips
Rear Axle
Lightning Strikes Tounge Piercing
Jet-Assited Chevy
Escape From Alcatraz
Silicone Breast Implants
Biscuit Bazooka
Goldfish Memory
Killer Washing Machine
CD-ROM Shattering
Does a Duck's Quack Echo?
Cell Phone Destroys Gas Station
Stinky Car
Chicken Gun
Frog Giggin'
Barrel of Bricks
Jet Taxi
Peeing on the Third Rail
Octopus Egg Pregnancy
Daddy Long-Legs
Pop Rocks and Soda
Buried in Concrete
Sinking Titanic
Eelskin Wallet
Explosive Decompression
Toothbrush Suprise
Raccoon Rocket
Beat the Breath Test
Rowing Water Skier
Stuck on You
Buried Alive
Who Gets Wetter?
Leaping Lawyer
Breakstep Bridge

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