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'If you are a person of means, then remove some liquid assets from your wallet to verifyLil' Wayne
'I was reluctant to believe that my musical career would come to fruition as I was much accustomed to possessing unregistered firearms' Notorious B.I.G.
'Presently people wish to besmirch my name, but when they speak the words are unintelligible' Dr. Dre
'When my honor is challenged I grab an illegally altered firearm, pressure the firing mechanism, and casualties resultIce Cube
'We are in the state where ultra violet radiation is constant and the cannabis is potent. On account of this the dance-halls are consistently filled to capacity.' Tu Pac
'I consistently flex and extend my cervical Vertebrae causing my hair follicles to move in an erratic manner' Willow Smith
'I'm a male prostitute who is constantly relocating. Yet despite this fact I constantly engage in vaudevillian endeavors.' R Kelly
'When you are unable to find us a global positioning satellite must be utilized. Pardon me that was your significant other? For I thought she was familiar Young Money
'I proclaim that my indiscretions are to be blamed on excessive consumption of French vodka'Jamie Fox
'What solutions can you purpose when my colleagues and I aggress upon you? Be aware that you are attempting to engage a crew of pugilists with questionable backgrounds.'DMX

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