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Surrounding lyricsStateSinger
In _______ it ain't the town, it's the exit you come off of.Aerosmith
Sometimes you gotta get out of _______, and sometimes you gotta take your chances.Ashanti
You're living in your own private _______The B-52s
Off the _______ Keys, there's a place called KokomoThe Beach Boys
The eagle flies on a ________ morning, and I don't see my eagle anymore.Bee Gees
I pulled into Nashville, _______; but you wouldn't even come around to see me.Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals
Blue moon of ________, keep on shiningBill Monroe
I'm taking a Greyhound on the Hudson River Line... I'm in a ________ state of mind. Billy Joel
I am the heart of no name, airbrushed on the license plate of a Suburu that was registered in _________.Bloodhound Gang
Love is love's sad news; that was ________, that was yesterday.Bon Iver
There's no surf in ________ anywayBowling For Soup
The sky it's line and this run, and i cry out ________, My boots my pride and my gunBrand New Sin
Until we're syndicated, FOX will never let us die, please! We're off on the road to ________, the home of that old campus swing.Brian & Stewie Griffin
Mary, Queen of _______, it's not too early for dreamin'Bruce Springsteen
The wives, the wives are in _________, trying to forget it, that they really do regret it.Carly Simon
Don't try to knock the hustle 'cause ya just wastin ya time I'm cooler than Denzel ________ with mine Chamillionare**
Elf Power, _______. Thank God, you're still, angry at me.Coheed and Cambria
And it looks like you're gonna have to see me again: ______, _______, _______, I'm your boyDan Fogelberg
Won't you meet me in _______, I wanna see the mountains in your eyesDan Seals/Marie Osmond
I never had a way with women, but the hills of _______ make me wish that I couldDan Williams
Say my story again-you, _________, down by the bayouDave Matthews Band
Tell my love I'll be waiting there, in Dover, ________The Duhks
Welcome to the Hotel ________, such a lovely place, such a lovely faceEagles
Icy fingers waves, ski trails on a mountain side, snow light in _______.Frank Sinatra/Willie Nelson/Billie Holliday/Ella Fitzgerald/Alot of other people.
But all my ex's live in ______; that's why I hang my hat in TennesseeGeorge Strait or Sanger D. Shafer
Dust and wind and heat, since 14 days in the murdering sun of the Sierra _______Goombay Dance Band
Surrounding lyricsStateSinger
Almost heaven, _________, Blue ridge Mountains, Shanandoah RiverJohn Denver
North to ______. They're going north, the rush is on.Johnny Horton
So it's best I just stay in _______, just dreaming of the world as it should be.Jon McLaughlin
I've sung from Hannah to Charlestown, getting people to sing what I call _______, low country.Josh Turner
She must feel it's awkward. Oh, I said it's _______. Now go stand up to fight a giant.Kings of Leon
...making sure I don't miss the homecoming at Howard; Hawaii to ______, it mo' women to see...Ludacris
The boys from ________, they drink their whiskey for funLyle Lovett
Sweet home _______, where the skies are so blueLynyrd Skynyrd
And __________'s so flat that I don't care; I'll never use this map have I made it clearMoe.
_______ queen, if you know what I mean.Mountain
I'll show you what it costs in the __________, no one could do better hey.Nelly*
The first to put down for ________, but guess whatPetey Pablo
And Muzak filled the air from Seneca to Cuyahoga Falls said A, O, way to go ______.The Pretenders
Just an old sweet song, keeps _______ on my mindRay Charles
You spend an awful lot of time in ________, seems like every other week you got a meeting waiting there.Reba McEntire
A rainy Lithuanian, who's dancing as an Indian, painted in my tiger skin, especially in _______.Red Hot Chili Peppers
________, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain.Rodgers & Hammerstein
Third boxcar, midnight train, destination: Bangor, _______.Roger Miller
BB King just turns us on, the ___________ boys, Steve and JoeSonic Youth
Paradise on Earth, the 50th state. WHAT! ________The Strokes
She never compromise, loves babies and surprises; wears high heels when she exercises... ain't it beautiful? Meet ______.Train
________ I'm coming home, never worry about what I done wrong.Vonda Shepard
Cheyenne is in Wyoming and perhaps you make your home in, Salt Lake City down in _______, where the buffalo roam.Wakko Warner**
In a little shrine under a makeshift pagoda, there sits the biggest ball of twine in the state of ________.Weird Al Yankovic
I'm gonna hit that Western Road, gonna hit the ______ trail this fall.Woody Guthrie

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