Grey's Anatomy character by injury

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Can you name the Grey's Anatomy character from these injuries or medical conditions?

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Erectile dysfunction
Penile fracture from sex
Poison oak on genitals
Ectopic pregnancy, causing burst fallopian tube and miscarriage
Miscarried during the shooting rampage
Had an abortion; subsequently barren
Gave birth during a bomb scare
Injuries from fist fighting (facial or hand injuries)
Nevous breakdown
Bone marrow donor
Liver donor (partial)
Gash in thigh from a car accident
Impaled by an icicle
Dislocated shoulder falling down the stairs
Incapacitated from patient's toxic blood
Post-traumatic stress disorder from Iraq
Choked by Owen Hunt who was having a nightmare
Tumor on optic nerve
Near drowning
Stage 4 skin cancer
Car accident; goes through windshield
Shot in the shoulder, causing hand tremors
Shot in the chest during the shooting rampage
Shot in the shoulder during the shooting rampage
Shot in the chest during the shooting rampage
Hit by a bus; died

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