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AP NSL Chapter13
A _______ and _______ system is a system of White House management where many aides have equal status and balance each other in decision making.
_________ is roughly the equivalent of an indictment in criminal law.
The Constitution guarantees a Presidential term of how many years?
Name an Administrative Constitutional power of the President. (one of 4)
A big challenge for the President living up to the expectations of the _____
Name a Judicial Constitutional power of the President. (one of 2)
When Congress adjourns within 10 days of submitting a bill to the president and the president lets it die by not taking action on it, it's known as a ______ ______.
How many Presidents have so far served two or more full terms?
Nixon's vice president who resigned and preceded Ford was _____, a former governor of Maryland.
The Presidency mainly consists of three things. Name one of them.
The president's party typically (gains or loses) congressional seats in midterm elections.
Fill in the blanks (separate with space): Public approval gives the president _______, not _______.
Have a variety of different religions been represented by presidents since WWII? yes or no
Name a National Security Constitutional power of the President. (one of 4)
The ___ (3 letter acronym) was created in 1947 to coordinate the president's foreign and military policy advisors.
The _______ is composed of 14 secretaries, the attorney general, and select advisors of the President's choosing.
Have a variety of different prior occupations been represented among Presidents since WWII? yes or no
Americans (like or dislike) a concentration of power
Name a cabinet department and its current secretary (no 'department of' and only last name; separate with space).
Vice presidents have usually been viewed as (important or unimportant).
The phenomenon of _______ _______ happens when voters vote in a higher number of candidates for congress from the same party as the president who they vote in.
Name a Constitutional requirement for someone to be President.
The Executive Office is located in the ____ (4 letter acronym or full name).
AP NSL Chapter13
True or False: The Constitution mentions the term 'chief legislator'.
Which post-WWII president had the most vetoes by far?
The Framers feared the governmental structure known as a _______, so they restricted executive powers.
The House impeached Bill Clinton, and the Senate (acquitted or convicted) him during his trial.
New presidents have about ___ high-level positions available for appointment including cabinet and subcabinet jobs as well as heads of agencies.
A _______ system is a system of White House management where authority is delegated down level by level.
Name a Legislative Constitutional power of the President. (one of 5)
Today there are about ___ people who work on the White House staff.
Richard Neustadt has argued that presidential power is the power to _______
True or False: The First Lady is not an official government position.
Which amendment to the Constitution established a two term limit for Presidents?
The ______ _______ were a secret history of the Vietnam War.
Who said, 'I do not choose to run'?
The ___ (3 letter acronym) was created in 1921 and consists of a handful of political appointees and hundreds of skilled professionals.
The _______ scandal involved a break in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters and ended up leading to ______'s demise. (two word answer, separate with space)
This number amendment to the Constitution deals with the Presidential line of succession in the event that the President is incapacitated.
The Presidency is today (like or unlike) it was when the Framers designed it.
Presidential power has greatly (grown or shrunk) since the early days of the Presidency.
Presidential responsibilities have (increased or decreased) substantially since the Great Depression and WWII.
The ___ (3 letter acronym) consists of three members who advise the president on economic policy.
Name one of two main methods for becoming President.
For more than what percentage of American history, the President hasn't been elected to office.

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