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Wedge ________
Trandoshan bountry hunter
Obi-Wan's right hand man
Planted Yoda was exiled to
Forest moon of
Controls all things
Yoda killed him on Kashyyyk
Used in Battle of Geonosis by CIS
______________ Army
One who uses a lightsaber
Plo _____
_________ Unduli
City on Tatooine
Senator Amidala's home planet
Command given to kill all jedi
C-3PO was one of these
Obi-Wan's master
Greedo's species
Boba Fett fell in this
Spaceship used by Imperial pilots
Grievous died here
Anakin had many of these of Padme and his mother
Grand Moff Tarkin's first name
Fighter used by Luke Skywalker to destroy Death Star
Rebel's base was on the 4th moon of
Tried to kill Padme Amidala

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