Black Ops 2 Campaign Deaths

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Can you name the Black Ops 2 Campaign Deaths?

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Killed ByDeathMission
JSOC (PD)Dispatch (Strike Force)
Cordis DieCelerium
Frank WoodsTime and Fate
Menendez or Defalco or Salazar (PD)Multiple Missions Possible
Harper (PD)Odysseus
MenendezAftermath of Suffer with Me
David Mason or HimselfJudgement Day or Aftermath of Judgement Day
Killed ByDeathMission
Farid (PD)Achille's Veil
Defalco or Salazar or SDC Drone (PD)Odysseus
Menendez (PD)Aftermath of Judgement Day
David Mason or Farid (PD)Multiple Missions Possible
Frank Woods or Alex Mason (PD)Old Wounds
Menendez (PD)Odysseus
Frank Woods (PD)Suffer with Me

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