Tuvalu Flooding Problem

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Can you name the Tuvalu Flooding Problem?

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Total population of Tuvalu?
Expected to rise by ...... in 2007 (cm)
Total height of Tuvaluin meters
Problem 1Caused by rising sea levels
Problem 2Caused by rising sea temperatures
Problem 3Prevents transport due to rising sea levels
Problem 4Destroying drinking water and food production
Problem 5Poor coastal management and harvesting of raw materials is causing this
Solution 1Ruins their culture but is their last hope
Solution 2Helps inform people of their problem accross the world and solve many of their flooding issues
Solution 3To replace traditional means of providing their income which is being destroyed
Solution 4Modifying a threat to prevent further flooding
Costs of Climate change per year? (billions of pounds)According to Oxfam

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