The Devil's Rejects trivia (Hard) ***SPOILER ALERT***

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Can you name the The Devil's Rejects trivia ***SPOILER ALERT***?

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Who directed this film?
Who wrote the screen play?
Is this a sequel or a prequel?
What is the title of the first movie staring these Firefly Family members?
What state is the movie set in?
What city?
How many Firefly Family members are there present in this film?
What is the actress' name who plays Baby?
What is her relation to director Rob Zombie?
What was the name of the Sheriff chasing the firefly family?
Why does Mother Firefly allow herself to be captured?
Why does the Sheriff especially have it out for Mother Firefly?
Who are the 'Unholy Two'?
Hired by whom?
What are their names?
What is the name of the motel Baby and Otis and meant to meet Captain Spaulding at?
What kind of ice cream does Baby and Captain Spaulding stop and get?
What is the name of the place they go find shelter at after leaving the motel?
What kind of place is it?
How do they know Charlie?
Where are the Firefly family's names taken from?
Who is Baby's father?
Who is Rufus' father?
Who is Tiny's Father?
Who kills Mama Firefly?
Who kills Charlie?
Who kills the Sheriff?
Who kills Baby, Otis, & Captain Spaulding?

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