Causes of Death in Ace Attorney

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Akbey Hicks (AAI:ME)Turnabout Airlines
Bruce Goodman (PW:AA)Rise from the Ashes
Buddy Faith (AAI:ME)Turnabout Visitor
Byrne Faraday (AAI:ME)Turnabout Reminiscence
Cece Yew (AAI:ME)Turnabout Reminiscence
Cindy Stone (PW:AA)The First Turnabout
Collin Devorae (AAI:ME)The Kidnapped Turnabout
Dahlia Hawthorne (PW:TT)Bridge to the Turnabout
Deid Mann (AAI:ME)Turnabout Reminiscence
Doug Swallow (PW:TT)Turnabout Memories
Drew Misham (AJ:AA)Turnabout Succession
Dustin Prince (PW:JFA)The Lost Turnabout
Glen Elg (PW:TT)Recipe for Turnabout
Gregory Edgeworth (PW:AA)Turnabout Goodbyes
Ini Miney (PW:JFA)Reunion, and Turnabout
Jack Hammer (PW:AA)Turnabout Samurai
Joe Darke (PW:AA)Rise from the Ashes
Juan Corrida (PW:JFA)Farewell, My Turnabout
Kane Bullard (PW:TT)The Stolen Turnabout
Mack Rell (AAI:ME)Turnabout Reminiscence
Magnifi Gramarye (AJ:AA)Turnabout Succession
Manny Coachen (AAI:ME)Turnabout Ablaze
Mia Fey (PW:AA)Turnabout Sisters
Misty Fey (PW:TT)Bridge to the Turnabout
Neil Marshall (PW:AA)Rise from the Ashes
Pal Meraktis (AJ:AA)Turnabout Corner
Robert Hammond (PW:AA)Turnabout Goodbyes
Romein LeTouse (AJ:AA)Turnabout Serenade
Russell Berry (PW:JFA)Turnabout Big Top
Shadi Smith (AJ:AA)Turnabout Trump
Turner Grey (PW:JFA)Reunion, and Turnabout
Valerie Hawthorne (PW:TT)Turnabout Beginnings

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