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Can you name the most famous qoutes from Marshal, Lily, Ted and Barney?

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(Barney) 'Lets play a game I like to call ______'
(Barney) 'Oh, and Ted, ______'
(Barney) 'Its gonna be ________'
(Barney) '_____ home!'
(Barney) 'Who's your ____'
(Barney) 'Relapse ____'
(Barney) '______ I, Barney Stinson will....
(Marshall) '_______ for lily's mom'
(Marshall) 'I must have slapped you so hard that it made a whole in ________'
(Marshall) 'Thats __'
(Marshall) 'Thats __'
(Marshall) 'Thats __'
(Ted) 'It kinda looks like a ______'
(Ted) 'I would have stolen you a whole _____'
(Ted) 'Nothing good ever happens after'
(Robin) 'There's no such thing as a ________'
(Robin) '__ __ __ __ __, today'
(Robin) 'I've never lost a game of ______'
(Robin) 'Looks like its just me and you... I was talking to my ______'
(Lily) 'You _____'
(Lily) 'I think we're all out of ____'
(Lily) 'We're out of _____?'

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