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AFGHANISTAN: What is the capital city of Afghanistan?
ALBANIA: Onto which sea does Albania border?
ALGERIA: Algeria's flag has a background of white and what other colour?
ANDORRA: Which two countries does Andorra border?
ANGOLA: Angola gained independence from which country?
ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA: Drives on the...?
ARGENTINA: What is the largest mountain in Argentina?
ARMENIA: What is the capital of Armenia?
AUSTRALIA: What is the largest island of Australia (excl. mainland)?
AUSTRIA: What is the most widely-spoken language of Austria?
AZERBAIJAN: Spot the odd-one-out - Azerbaijan borders Iran, Iraq, Armenia, Georgia and Russia.
BAHAMAS: In which ocean are the Bahamas located?
BAHRAIN: Bahrain's flag contains red and which other colour?
BANGLADESH: Bangladesh straddles the delta of which large river?
BARBADOS: Barbados' flag contains the colour red. True or false?
BELARUS: Belarus is in which continent?
BELGIUM: Dutch (Flemish) is commonly spoken in Belgium alongside which other language?
BELIZE: Belize gained independence from which country?
BENIN: What is the capital of Benin?
BHUTAN: Bhutan borders which two countries?
BOLIVIA: Part of Bolivia is in which mountain range?
BOSNIA HERZEGOVINA: Bosnia and Herzegovina formed from the splitting of which country in 1992?
BOTSWANA: Which desert, the 6th largest, covers 70% of Botswana?
BRAZIL: What is the largest city in Brazil?
BRUNEI: Brunei is situated on which island?
BULGARIA: The flag of Bulgaria is three horizontal stripes of red, white and green. Which is at the top?
BURKINA FASO: Burkina Faso gained independence from which country in 1960?
BURUNDI: Burundi borders which large lake?
CAMBODIA: What is the capital of Cambodia?
CAMEROON: In which continent is Cameroon?
CANADA: Who is the monarch of Canada?
CAPE VERDE: Cape Verde lies off the coast of which continent?
CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: True or False; The CAR lies on the equator?
CHAD: Chad's flag is almost identical to which European country's?
CHILE: Almost the entire eastern part of Chile is straddled by which mountain range?
CHINA: What is the currency of China?
COLOMBIA: What is the official language of Colombia?
COMOROS: Comoros lies between Mozambique and which large island?
COSTA RICA: The background of Costa Rica's flag contains red, white and...?
COTE D'IVORE: What is the largest city of the Cote D'Ivoire?
CROATIA: What is the official language of Croatia?
CUBA: What is the currency of Cuba?
CYPRUS: Two bases under British sovereignty exist on Cyprus. Name either of them.
CZECH REPUBLIC: The Czech Republic uses the Euro. True or false?
DENMARK: Denmark's flag has what colour of cross on a red background?
DJIBOUTI: Gained independence in which decade: 60s, 70s, or 80s?
DOMINICA: Dominica lies in which sea?
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: On which island does the Dominican Republic lie?
ECUADOR: Ecuador owns which group of islands famous for its giant tortoises?
EGYPT: After Cairo, what is the second largest city in Egypt?
EL SALVADOR: What is the dominant religion in El Salvador?
EQUATORIAL GUINEA: Gained independence from?
ERITREA: The majoirty of the coastline of Eritrea borders which sea?
ESTONIA: What is the capital of Estonia?
ETHIOPIA: One of the two sources of a large river is found in Ethiopia. Which river?
FIJI: What is the largest island of Fiji called?
FINLAND: What is the Finnish word for Finland?
FRANCE: What is the name of the President of France?
GABON: True or False: Gabon is on the Prime Meridian?
THE GAMBIA: The Gambia only borders which country?
GEORGIA: The crosses present on Georgia's flag are which colour?
GERMANY: Germany is bordered by how many other countries?
GHANA: Which country borders Ghana to the East?
GREECE: Prior to the Euro, what was the currency of Greece?
GRENADA: What is Grenada's official language?
QuestionAnswerInteresting fact
GUATEMALA: What is a person from Guatemala known as (demonym)?
GUINEA: The flag of Guinea, like many African nations, contains the colours green, red and which other colour?
GUINEA-BISSAU: Gained independence from?
GUYANA: True or False: Guyana is smaller in area than Uruguay?
HAITI: What natural disaster hit Haiti in 2010?
HONDURAS: Honduras borders Guatemala, El Salvador and which other country?
HUNGARY: What is the currency of Hungary?
ICELAND: What is the capital of Iceland?
INDIA: Nearly all of India's Northern border sits on which mountain range?
INDONESIA: Indonesia's capital, Jakarta, lies on which island?
IRAN: Iran borders which large lake/enclosed sea to the north?
IRAQ: Two major rivers run through the centre of Iraq: The Euphrates is one, what is the other?
IRELAND: The Irish drink more (per capita) of which warm drink than any other country in Europe?
ISRAEL: Israel borders which major sea?
ITALY: Two minor countries are completely surrounded by Italy. Name either of them.
JAMAICA: Drives on the...?
JAPAN: What is Japan's two-letter internet domain?
JORDAN: How many stars appear on the Jordanian flag?
KAZAKHSTAN: What is the largest city in Kazakhstan?
KENYA: What is the capital city of Kenya?
KIRIBATI: Name either of the official languages of Kiribati?
KOSOVO: Which other country claims sovereignty over Kosovo?
KUWAIT: Which country invaded Kuwait in 1990, sparking the first Gulf War?
KYRGYZSTAN: What is a person from Kyrgyzstan known as (demonym)?
LAOS: What shape is found in the centre of the Lao flag: circle, star or diamond?
LATVIA: What colour is the middle stripe of the Latvian flag?
LEBANON: What type of tree is found on the Lebanese flag?
LESOTHO: Lesotho is completely surrounded by which nation?
LIBERIA: What is the official language of Liberia?
LIBYA: Which country shares Libya's Eastern border?
LIECHTENSTEIN: Liechtenstein sits between Switzerland and which other country?
LITHUANIA: What is the capital of Lithuania?
LUXEMBOURG: Luxembourg started using which currency in 1999?
MACEDONIA: Drives on the....?
MADAGASCAR: How many countries border Madagascar?
MALAWI: A person from Malawi is known as (demonym)?
MALAYSIA: Drives on the...?
MALDIVES: The Maldives is the planet's lowest elevation country. To the nearest metre, how high is its maximum elevation?
MALI: Capital?
MALTA: Malta is an archipelago in which large sea?
MARSHALL ISLANDS: Gained independence from?
MAURITANIA: What colour are the moon and star on Mauritania's flag?
MAURITIUS: Mauritius is part of which continent?
MEXICO: What is Mexico's two-letter Internet domain?
MICRONESIA: How many stars appear on the flag of Micronesia?
MOLDOVA: Moldova sits between Romania and which other European country?
MONACO: Although Monaco only borders France, it is only 16km from which other country?
MONGOLIA: True or false: Mongolia is the most densely populated country in the world?
MONTENEGRO: Montenegro gained independence after its split with which country?
MOROCCO: Morocco borders which European country?
MOZAMBIQUE: Has a coastline on which ocean?
MYANMAR: The capital of Myanmar (Burma) is Naypyidaw. What is the name of the old capital (and largest city)?
NAMIBIA: Capital city?
NAURU: Is the main island of Nauru north or south of the equator?
NEPAL: Nepal is home to the largest mountain on Earth. In English it is called Mount ...?
NETHERLANDS: The mainland of the Netherlands has a coastline on which sea?
NEW ZEALAND: What is New Zealand's largest city?
NICARAGUA: Nicaragua is bordered by Honduras and which other country?
NIGER: The capital, Niamey, lies on which major river?
NIGERIA: True or false - Lagos is the capital of Nigeria?
NORTH KOREA: A section of the Tumen River in the far northeast of North Korea makes a short border with which country?
NORWAY: Norway is only one of eight countries to claim territory on which polar landmass?
OMAN: What is the official language of Oman?
PAKISTAN: The second highest mountain is within Pakistan. What is its English name?
PALAU: What is the background colour of the Palau flag?
PANAMA: A significant portion of Panama's GDP is gained from toll charges through which sea-based transport connection?
QuestionAnswerInteresting fact
PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Which country does PNG border?
PARAGUAY: Drives on the...?
PERU: Peru has coastline on which ocean?
PHILIPPINES: The name derives from the name of Phillip II, a famous king of which country?
POLAND: The flag is two horizontal stripes of red and white. Which colour is at the top?
PORTUGAL: True or false: Portugal is the Westernmost extending country in Europe?
QATAR: True or false: Qatar shares no land borders with any countries?
REPUBLIC OF CONGO: The Rep. Congo flag has a diagonal stripe of which colour?
ROMANIA: Which large European river flows into the Black Sea through Romania?
RUSSIA: What is Russia's highest mountain?
RWANDA: Gained independence from?
SAINT KITTS AND NEVIS: Which is the bigger island, Saint Kitts or Nevis?
SAINT LUCIA: What is the official language of St. Lucia?
SAINT VINCENT: What is the capital of St Vincent, which is similar in name to Jamaica's?
SAMOA: How many stars appear on the flag of Samoa?
SAN MARINO: San Marino is completely surrounded by another country. What word is used to describe this?
SAO TOME AND PRINCIPE: What is the official language of São Tomé and Príncipe?
SAUDI ARABIA: How many countries share a border with Saudi Arabia?
SENEGAL: What ocean is Senegal's coast on?
SERBIA: Name any of the three background colours on the flag of Serbia?
SEYCHELLES: In which decade did the Seychelles gain independence from the UK - 50s, 60s or 70s?
SIERRA LEONE: What is the capital city of Sierra Leone?
SINGAPORE: Singapore is separated from which country by the Straits of Johor?
SLOVAKIA: What is a person from Slovakia known as (demonym)?
SLOVENIA: Part of which mountain range is found in the northwest of Slovenia?
SOLOMON ISLANDS: Which ocean are the Solomon Islands in?
SOMALIA: Approximately how many people live in Somalia? Is it A) 10 million, B) 20 million, C) 30 million or D) 100 million
SOUTH AFRICA: How many colours appear on South Africa's flag: A) 2, B) 4 or C) 6
SOUTH KOREA: Which river flows through the capital, Seoul?
SOUTH SUDAN: The newest country in the world (in 2011), what is the capital?
SPAIN: Drives on the....?
SRI LANKA: What was the old name for Sri Lanka?
SUDAN: What is a person from Sudan known as (demonym)?
SURINAME: Gained independence from?
SWAZILAND: Name either of the official languages of Swaziland?
SWEDEN: What colour is the cross on the Swedish flag?
SWITZERLAND: What is the largest lake in Switzerland?
SYRIA: What is the name of Syria's capital?
TAIWAN: Which of these is a former name for the island of Taiwan - Siam, Nippon or Formosa?
TAJIKISTAN: Name the only non '-stan' country that borders Tajikistan?
TANZANIA: The largest mountain in Africa lies within Tanzania. What is its name?
THAILAND: Which of Thailand's four bordering countries comes first alphabetically?
TIMOR-LESTE: Which country would you arrive at first if you travelled due south from Timor-Leste?
TOGO: Declared independence from?
TONGA: What two colours appear on the Tongan flag?
TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO: Which holds the higher population - Trinidad or Tobago?
TUNISIA: True or false - the Northernmost point of the African mainland is in Tunisia?
TURKEY: Which two continents does Turkey lie within?
TURKMENISTAN: Turkmenistan has the world's fourth largest reserves of which fossil fuel?
TUVALU: Which other country's flag appears on the flag of Tuvalu?
UGANDA: What appears in the center of Uganda's flag - a bird, a spear or an AK-47?
UKRAINE: What is Ukraine's capital city?
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: How many emirates are there in the UAE?
UNITED KINGDOM: Which of these is not an overseas territory of the UK - Anguilla, Montserrat or Mayotte?
UNITED STATES: The largest city in the USA is in which state?
URUGUAY: What is the official language of Uruguay?
UZBEKISTAN: Uzbekistan lies on the shores of which (almost dried up) sea?
VANUATU: Vanuatu lies in which ocean?
VATICAN CITY: Vatican City is home to a famous ceiling painted by Michelangelo, The Last Judgement, in which chapel?
VENEZUELA: Which country does Venezuela share its longest border with?
VIETNAM: What colour is the star on the Vietnamese flag?
YEMEN: Yemen borders Saudi Arabia and which other country?
ZAMBIA: Zambia is home to which famous waterfalls on the Zambezi river, which are twice as wide and one and a half times as high as the Niagara Falls?
ZIMBABWE: True or false: Zimbabwe has a longer coastline than California?

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