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Forced Order
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One of the older Rodriguez's cronies (three possible answers)
'Nicknamed 'Rocket Girl', she publishes The Zine.'
This five-year-old tormentor thinks this quiz 'stinks on ice.'
He used to be called the squid before Kansas showed up.
He is the co-owner of the Shack who wishes they 'had helmets then too.'
She is a police officer.
He is the manager of Madtown and a school teacher.
He is from Kansas, and he becomes an amazing goalie. (new squid)
This main character always has to be the center of attention. (probably why he got a check minus minus in classroom citizenship)
She has a garden with flowers of the same name. (neighbor)
He is kind of a 'nerd' and is 'not wearing a baseball mitten.' (not from Kansas)
He likes to womp his yonger brother.
He is the lifegaurd.
He is 'Prince of the Netherworld.'
One of Rocket Girl's good friends and state volleyball teammates (two possible answers)
He is the co-owner of the Shack from Hawaii.
This retired engineer doesn't want any hooligans in his pool.

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