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Damas y Caballeros Yo amigo, baila conmigo Somos _____Key
Miryeonhagae neoae ______ touch neon ootgo isseoTaemin
barae __ __ __English word
Cause you were ___ sun, the moonEnglish word
Too much, ______Minho
____ saranghaetdeon geu ireumKorea word (Onew)
Mwora haedo naegen salmui ______Onew
Oh _____ Day nae haengboghan misowaEnglish word
Hey _____, you and me koomman gateundaeTaemin's rap
Nae geyotaeman isseo, Eonjaena neoneun nawi ____, Nae mameun neowa hamkkae crazyEnglish word
Are you _______? You _______?Song title
Waenji deulddeo _____, Waenji ddeolryeo _____Taemin
Still I have _____ in my heartSong title
_____, eojji tteonaryeoneun geoyaSong title in Korean
Geu jaemi itdaneun _____reul teureo nokoOnew
____, himi deul ddaen, Doong tah dak rhythmae gidae.eo, ohSong title
Machi ______ rideJonghyun
Uh! You gave me You gave me a ____ Come onMinho
Hello, hello, oh yeah, baby, baby, baby ___Key
Wa chagapda chagapda, Eoreumgongju osyeotda, Hajiman ____Key
Together make it love, _____ make it your smileDrama theme song
neoreul gahdugoh eetdeon jeeruhhan old _______English word
___ hae nochyeo beorin nal ___ haeSong title in Korean
Sal su eopseo, sal su eopseo, gaseum gadeuk _____Song title
Neol, neol _______Onew
Nareul boolleojweo my name, Oneuli baro your ____English word

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