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LyricsSong titleArtist
Ne hwasalun trouble! trouble! trouble!
Oh eh, oh eh, oh eh, oh eh, oh eh, oh eh
So many nights I wonder why, what can I do to tmake it right
Step by step one two three Dipdi daridu
E boo mam mam ma Tti ya aki a aki no DDo ya
I'm in my dream~
Yes sir (song title), keep on and on and on, on and on and on
1,2 step 1,2 step 1,2 step
Baby I'm so (song title x5)
Hey! I'm gonna tell about this
(song title) isarang soge We just going crazy
nowa na (song title), no no nowa na (song title)
O-o-o-o-over love love is pain pain
No oh, no oh, no oh Oh I can't (song title)
My best friend my lady
LyricsSong titleArtist
(L.O.V.E BOY) I want take you there baby
Ye! This is how we do it brand new love (group name)
I want to go back to you
Digi digi bob bob to the sound
(song title x2) Shawty know I want cha
I can't take my eyes eyes eyes nan molla neoman bomyeon Oh oh oh
(song title) I can't stop
amudo opso (song title x5) (clap)
Down down we gotta get down
I'm gonna be ok (gonna be ok)
No way, I can't recognize you're not mine anymore
Loverholic robotronic, Loverholic robotronic
So (song title) my girl oh oh girl oh oh girl
This is double double double double combo
Bring it ,sign to me, sign to me

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