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LyricsSong titleHint
You don't know me, You don't know meGirls group
Don't worry baby now I'm falling love with youGirls group
M-I-N-U-T-E 4Girls group
We gotta break it, Let's pop Girls group
Let's have a _______ to heart (talk)Girls group
Don't touch me BIGBANG is dynamiteDrama theme song
Let me in let me show you all my bling bling and all my kicks kicks baby dance with meBoys subgroup
More than the air I breatheBoys group
Oh oh only for you Oh oh only for youBoys group
I hate this love songBoys group
Cuz you should be my LadySolo male (boys group)
Next to you, my love is true, wanna go back to when I was with youGirls group
Why did we fightBoys group
It's gonna be another day with the sunshineSolo female
Welcome to your wonderland, everyday I knock knock, knock (x4)Girls group
Make up Shake up Break upBoys group
Got it got it, get down down, everybody just bounce (No~)Boys group
Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Saturday SundayBoys group
Shawty Shawty Shawty ShawtyBoys group
Take on me, Take on me, Take on me Yeah (you you you)Girls group
LyricsSong titleHint
What are you talking about all of a suddenBoys group
So I can believe, I'm not aloneSolo male (boys group)
Grow up! Grow up! Grow up!Girls group
I can't take my breath breath breathBoys group
But You know that I love you girl girl girlBoys group
Because I listen to my heart beat one by oneBoys group
Oh I just wanna tell you, I'm in danger nowGirls group
I like it like thatBoys group
I love my beautiful ordinary lifeBoys group
Is your love, plus my loveBoys group
(I) can make your dream come trueBoys group
I need you boy, I care about you so muchGirls group
Boy I like the way you talk talkBoys group ft female singer
Oh can't you see, I'm still loving youBoys group
Cause your life, cause your mindBoys group
It'll be the same in my world, I'm your boy, You're my girlBoys group
Baby you are kidding me!Girls group
Baby you hurting heartBoys group
What you want? (what you do)Solo female (girls group)
I got you babe, I call it, I call it _________Girls group

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