The A-Z of Superman

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A. Nationality
B. Faster than a speeding...
C.Alter ego
D. Comic publisher
E. Kryptonian last name
F. Artic headquarters
G. Played by... In the '51 tv series
H. Superman's job
I. He cannot be harmed, he is...
J. Kryptonian Father
K. Weakness #1
L. Wife
M. Weakness #2
Letter and ClueAnswer
N. Daily Planet
O. Photojournalist, Jimmy...
P. Kryptonian Prison
Q. Superman IV: The...
R. Weakness #3
S. Hometown
T. The Man of...
U. ... And away!
V. Lex Luthor
W. Editor, Perry...
X. Power
Y. Source of his powers
Z. General...

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