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What the People Did The person
literally means beggar, (St. Francis and St. Clare were a part of orders that were this type)
opposed lay investiture (didn't want it any more)
called for the crusades
a printing press, the first book produced by this was the Bible (it was called the Gutenberg Bible)
founded the Jesuits or the Society of Jesus
The Pope that was appointed to end the Great Papal Schism
was beheaded for not signing an oath that rejected the pope's authority
Led the Swiss Reformation, established a theocracy in Zurich
wealthy Venice merchant, agreed to transport men to the Holy Land for a large sum of money
started the Protestant Reformation with his 95 thesis
Called the Church to rescourcement and aggiornamento. He called for Vatican II
called for the Papal Inquisition in 1233
what the people were called that preached and combated the heresies with logic
founded the Church of England
wrote the Institutes of Christian Religion, believed in predestination
What the People Did The person
called for the 4th crusade and the Inquisition
wrote Summa Thelogica, proved faith not contrary to reason, he is a doctor of the Church
The Carmilite nun who established her own convent, they were known as 'discaled' (which means without shoes)
he had the stigmata(wounds of Christ) started the Franciscans
made the Orthodox Church in Moscow
rejected the pope's rulings and appointed his own Pope
crowned Charlemagne in 800
started the 'poor Clares'
prophet of Islam
his mission was to combat heresy (used logic instead of force)
Crowned the Holy Roman Emperor in 800
started the Spanish Inquisition
wrote the pope a letter asking him to move the papacy back to Rome
was sent from the Patriarch in Jerusalem to ask the Pope in Rome for help
known for selling indulgences

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