English Football League Mascots

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Can you name the English Football League Mascots?

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Rockin Robin
Fred the Red
Cyril the Swan
Alice the Eagle
Boomer the Dog
Bartley Blue
Gunnersaurus Rex
Stamford Lion
Deepdale Duck
H'Angus the Monkey
Captain Canary
Billy the Badger
Lenny the Lion
Sammy the Shrimp
Monty Magpie
Kingsley Royal
Lucus the Kop Cat
Miller Bear
Jolly Green Giant
Gilbert the Gull
Scunny Bunny
Olly the Ox
Roary the Tiger
Pottermus Hippo
Nelson the Dog
Captain Blade
Captain Gas
Olga the Fox
Sherwood Bear
Super Saint
Barney the Owl
Mr Toffee
Zampa the Lion
Desmond the Dragon
Baggie Bird
Lofty the Lion
Roary the Lion
Theo the Wyvern

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