Greek Art and Architecture

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The Parthenon: Order?
The Parthenon: Materials?
The Parthenon: Architect(s)?
The Parthenon: Dates?
The Parthenon: Decoration?
The Parthenon: Plan?
The Parthenon: Ionic features?
The Parthenon: Dimensions?
The Propylaia: Order?
The Propylaia: Materials?
The Propylaia: Architect?
The Propylaia: Dates?
The Propylaia: Decoration?
The Propylaia: Plan
The Propylaia: Ionic features
The Propylaia: Dimensions:
The Temple of Athene Nike: Order?
The Temple of Athene Nike: Materials?
The Temple of Athene Nike: Architect?
The Temple of Athene Nike: Dates
The Temple of Athene Nike: Decoration?
The Temple of Athene Nike: Plan
The Temple of Athene Nike: Dimensions?
The Erechthion: Order?
The Erechthion: Materials?
The Erechthion: Architect?
The Erechthion: Dates?
The Erechthion: Decoration?
The Erechthion: Plan?
The Erechthion: Dimensions?
Kritios Boy: Artist
Kritios Boy: Date?
Kritios Boy: Location?
Kritios Boy: Material?
Kritios Boy: Size?
The Tyrannicides: Artist(s)?
The Tyrannicides: Date
The Tyrannicides: Location?
The Tyrannicides: Material?
The Tyrannicides: Size?
Mourning Athene: Artist?
Mourning Athene: Date?
Mourning Athene: Location?
Mourning Athene: Material?
Mourning Athene: Size?
Diskobolos: Artist?
Diskobolos: Date?
Diskobolos: Location?
Diskobolos: Material?
Diskobolos: Size?
Athene and Marsyas: Artist?
Athene and Marsyas: Date?
Athene and Marsyas: Location?
Athene and Marsyas: Material?
Athene and Marsyas: Size?
Elusis Relief: Artist?
Elusis Relief: Date?
Elusis Relief: Location?
Elusis Relief: Material?
Elusis Relief: Size?
Karyatids: Artist?
Karyatids: Date?
Karyatids: Location?
Karyatids: Material?
Karyatids: Size?

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