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Regina SicariaSheer Heart Attack
Actio HodieHot Space
Una VisioA Kind Of Magic
Caelo FactusMade In Heaven
Omnia VoloThe Miracle
Nunc Hic SumSheer Heart Attack
Deus Reginam SalvetA Night At The Opera
Nisi Eos Pervincere PotesJazz
Currum Meum AmoA Night At The Opera
Amor Meae VitaeA Night At The Opera
Te Ipse FoveQueen
Vindices SumusNews Of The World
Spectaculum PergatInnuendo
Rex Ratus MagnusQueen
Sino DeorumSheer Heart Attack
Amici Amici EruntA Kind Of Magic
Rhapsodia BohemicaA Night At The Opera
Descende, ConcumbeNews Of The World
Malleus CasurusThe Works
Noli Me Nunc SubsistereJazz
Iter Reginae NigraeQueen II
Colludium LudeThe Game

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