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Team/PlayersNicknameNotable Players
2000's Houston Astros TrioBerkman, Biggio, Bagwell
1984 Chicago Cubs 1-2 PunchBob Dernier and Ryne Sandberg
1999 St. Louis Rams Offense Faulk, Bruce, Holt, Az Hakim
1992 Michigan Wolverines BasketballWebber, King, Jackson, Rose, Howard
1990 Reds BullpenCharlton, Dibble, and Myers
1975 Philadelphia FlyersRick Macleish, Gary Dornhoefer...
1934 St. Louis CardinalsDean bros., Pepper Martin, Spud Davis
1990 Detroit PistonsMahorn, Rodman, Laimbeer
1988-1991 Oakland A's 3 and 4 HittersCanseco and McGwire
Team/PlayersNicknameNotable Players
1972 Miami Dolphins DefenseH*ll, I don't remember
1924 Notre Dame Football BackfieldMiller, Crowley, Stuhldreher, Layden
1969 New York MetsBoswell, Agee, Charles
1972 Cincinnati RedsPerez, Morgan, Concepcion, Bench
1980's Washington Redskins O-LineJacoby, Bostic, May, Grimm, Starke
1992 USA Olympic Basketball TeamJordan, Barkley, Malone, Robinson
1977 Dallas Cowboys DefenseRandy White and the gang
1980's Los Angeles LakersMagic, Worthy, Jabbar

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