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Can you name the following uncommon words??

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prowling around with the intent to commit burglary (10 letters)
to have different beliefs (7 letters)
the act of fast eating (11 letters)
the period of one day/24 hours (11 letters)
to make fireproof (15 letters)
to testify under oath (6 letters)
the process of fermentation (7 letters)
the act of a horse trying to remove its rider (9 letters)
the act of weeding (9 letters)
to snort and laugh once at something not that funny (7 letters)
someone who hates shoes (7 letters)
being full of beer (10 letters)
good or excellent (9 letters)
vulgar humor (6 letters)
a commotion (9 letters)
to take things by force (8 letters)
the use of foul or abusive language to ease pain or stress (10 letters)
to hum or buzz continuously (9 letters)
a state of depression or low spirits (10 letters)
to throw out of window (12 letters)
one who eats worms (14 letters)
to bite one's fingernails (11 letters)
relating to public speaking (9 letters)
use of a nickname or alias (7 letters)

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